Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"Beautiful", the symbol of women...

"Beautiful", the symbol of women.

 “Beautiful and having smooth skin” are women’s dream. How can they be reached? For women who will look beautiful and have smooth skin. What should they do? There are two vitamins; they are vitamin C and vitamin E. If both of them are collaborated, looking beautiful and having smooth skin will be yours. Those vitamins are the strong antioxidant which are able to prevent the older effects and able to increase the body immune systems.

Vitamin C also get role to activate fibroblast, a protein forms the tissues of body including skin. Having better quality of collagen, skin will more fresh and shiny. While vitamin E is an essential fatty acids (which is not produced by human body), this vitamin is able to stop the development of free radical compound in the body. Vitamin E is also able to increase body immune system, increase nitrate and prevent it become nitrosamine causes of cancer.      

Vitamin E is as same function as vitamin C; they are able to prevent skin oxidation. They protect the skin cell from UV light. Vitamin E can be found in avocado, almond bean, flour, soy bean, egg yolk, and olive oil. While vitamin C are available in guava, pineapple, lemon, papaya, kiwi, chili, strawberry, melon, broccoli, spinach, and cassava leaf.