Saturday, September 7, 2013

Tips to prevent Anemia

Tips to prevent "Anemia"....

What is anemia?.....
Anemia is a disease when the hemoglobin  in our blood is less from normal. So it has many effects for our healthy.
  1. For Children:
  • Decreasing of competence and studying concentration.
  • Obstructing of physical growing and brightness.
  1. For adult:
  • Decreasing body defense
  • Decreasing concentration
  • Decreasing work productivity

Below, the tips to prevent anemia:
  1. Consume foods which have much ferum / iron.
  2. Ferum / iron of beef protein is easier to be processed by our body than protein from vegetables.
  3. Consume foods which contain of vitamin B12 and Vitamin C.
  4. Don’t combine tea and coffee for our primary menu.
  5. Drink plain water after eating.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

“Slim body” the dream of women

“Slim body” the dream of women
(french women’s tips)

This is one of the reasons why French women become to the central of model in the world. They have good body, not only for catwalk models but almost women in that country. French women identical with their slim body, whereas they never do diet and drink wine.
There is a simple thing, they enjoy and be greatful of every thing they eat and chew it carefully. It make them sensitive with their body signal to stop eating when they feel full enough. While in commenly fat women more sensitive with the outer obsession, for example the nice smell of food.
French women are realy consider about the food quality rather then the food quantity. They often expense food because they want to get fresh food and they do not have a habbit to keep food in the refrigerator. Doughnut and hot dog are not their choice.
Their eating portion is small, it’s only as their need. They also have a routine eating schedule.  So, they get the optimal methabolism of their body, dringking plain water and try to avoid dringking soda. Another secret is they always active to move, they go on foot every where. And one more, they never forget to have breakfast because they aware that their body need energy in the morning.
Do you want to have a slim body? Try this tips. Good luck.....

Monday, August 26, 2013

“Water” for Our Body.....

Water for Our Body.....

“We can’t live without water”. That is the reality life. We can’t be separated from water. 70% of our body consists of water. It uses to manage our body temperature, helping cure of kidney trouble, womb cancer and diabetes, making easy of nutrient transportation, greasing organ, making our skin lightly, decreasing of body weight, decrease of hearth attack, etc.
Water has the highest part for our life. Likewise for our body, we have to complete our body need especially water. Without drink water, we can also get consume water from fruits. Some fruits consist of much water and little calorie. Besides, we can help our body to get enough water from vegetables.
To get a balance life, take time for relaxing, one of them is leave the routine activities for a while. A balance life can be reached when we can complete our body needs, beside nutrition, it also need enough water. We need at least 8 glasses of water a day or 2 litters for healthy life.
Doing so many activities make us forget to drink, always bring water in all of your activities is the best solution. Soft drink, juice drink and coffee sachets and junk food consist of high sugar content, diabetes trigger and heart attack. Lack of liquid or drink, can make us forgetful, easy to stress and emotional, difficult to concentrate, face and body skin wrinkled, and the diseases also easy to come. And the worse thing, if we don’t care about that, it will become death.
Our consciousness about the important of water is a need which isn’t offered. We need water to eat, drink, and washes. We can imagine if we consume dirty water, we will get many deceases, unhealthy and uncomfortable life. Eventually, for our body, water is an important need. Let’s start our healthy life by consuming 2 litters of fresh and clean water everyday.

Tips to Keep Fresh

Tips to Keep Fresh

Start the day by saying thanks to God. When we still have a time to get up again in the morning as a blessing and become responsibility contemplation for a while, can give a lot of energy.
The benefit of having breakfast are not only feels in the morning but along of the day. By having breakfast, stock of calorie to do activities can be found by having breakfast with complete menu and contain of enough protein can survive of glucose in a long of day.
Before starts working, make a daily work planning to reach a maximum task. If there are many tasks which are needed to finish it, take a little time to take a rest. Working continuously doesn’t make you work optimally or more productive, a little time to take a rest can give a new energy. If you can finish it by yourself, try to share these tasks with your partner or friends.
Job which needs to do by always sitting behind the table can make bad circulation of the blood. Take time to relax and drinks plain water to keep fresh.
Try to finish job in the office. At home, there are many other things to do beside the office’s task. We need time for family and also for socialization. Our beloved people also want to have time together.
Consume food supplements can help to complete the vitamin need which are needed our body. Foods which have balance nutrient.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Taking Care of Our “Armpit”...

Taking Care of Our Armpit”...

Are you not confidence with your armpit problems? There are many armpit problems. For example: having bad smell of armpit, dark armpit and so on. These conditions can be solved with simple way. We should know that skin in this area is sensitive.
Doing exfoliating or peeling up damage skin on armpit. Use body sponge or skin brush once or twice a week or when it is needed. By peeling up of damage skin cells, will help to prevent the armpit skin become dark. And also can peel ingrown hair (hair which grows up inside of skin) up. Ingrown hair is caused by clogging of skin pores.
You can also use a special product to clean and peel damage skin lawyer up on armpit. After cleaning the armpit, dry it well. Don’t use deodorants for a while, so skin pores in armpit can breathe well.
Cut armpit hair by using sharp cutter. Do it under the shower is the best way and do it in the evening to prevent razor burn. Because we have lower sweat in the evening rather than in the afternoon. So takes care of your armpit to get your confidence.