Saturday, September 7, 2013

Tips to prevent Anemia

Tips to prevent "Anemia"....

What is anemia?.....
Anemia is a disease when the hemoglobin  in our blood is less from normal. So it has many effects for our healthy.
  1. For Children:
  • Decreasing of competence and studying concentration.
  • Obstructing of physical growing and brightness.
  1. For adult:
  • Decreasing body defense
  • Decreasing concentration
  • Decreasing work productivity

Below, the tips to prevent anemia:
  1. Consume foods which have much ferum / iron.
  2. Ferum / iron of beef protein is easier to be processed by our body than protein from vegetables.
  3. Consume foods which contain of vitamin B12 and Vitamin C.
  4. Don’t combine tea and coffee for our primary menu.
  5. Drink plain water after eating.