Wednesday, August 28, 2013

“Slim body” the dream of women

“Slim body” the dream of women
(french women’s tips)

This is one of the reasons why French women become to the central of model in the world. They have good body, not only for catwalk models but almost women in that country. French women identical with their slim body, whereas they never do diet and drink wine.
There is a simple thing, they enjoy and be greatful of every thing they eat and chew it carefully. It make them sensitive with their body signal to stop eating when they feel full enough. While in commenly fat women more sensitive with the outer obsession, for example the nice smell of food.
French women are realy consider about the food quality rather then the food quantity. They often expense food because they want to get fresh food and they do not have a habbit to keep food in the refrigerator. Doughnut and hot dog are not their choice.
Their eating portion is small, it’s only as their need. They also have a routine eating schedule.  So, they get the optimal methabolism of their body, dringking plain water and try to avoid dringking soda. Another secret is they always active to move, they go on foot every where. And one more, they never forget to have breakfast because they aware that their body need energy in the morning.
Do you want to have a slim body? Try this tips. Good luck.....