Saturday, August 10, 2013

Double Roles of "Women"...

Double Roles of "Women"...
In this time, there are many women who have double roles: they are active at home and also outside. According to those reasons, women need to take attention with their healthy.
Women right to get high education and job, now is be better, especially in big cities. For women who have careers in all of sectors are able to face challenges by themselves.  They have double roles, the first is as a house wife and the second is as a career women. Sometimes, this is not easy because it needs concentration and a great patient. 
How active their outside activities, the woman role as a mother can’t be changed. For women, career is not only to get financials. The outside activity is as a form of self actualization.  Time has changed; women should not dependent to their husband and to sharpen their skills. 
But, these double roles sometimes have relation with the important to keep their healthy. There are many women who don’t understand that they lack for daily calcium consumption, so they have risked with osteoporosis. Deficiency problems also still happen for careers women.  Consequently, anemia risk often happens. It caused of having some activities, so women do not get attention to consume the nutritious food, they don’t have time to do sport, and they often get stress.       
Start by this time, women have to get attention with their health. Don’t neglect body signals such as tired continuously, weary, easy to angry, body stiffs; those are showed that the condition of body is not fit. 
Go to the doctor, manage eat pattern, do sport and take enough rest. The health of reproduction organ also needs to get an attention. By having fit health, woman can increase their productivity at home and also outside.