Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"Honey"... Optimal Endurance During Holiday

 Optimal Endurance during holiday

During holiday, our condition can decrease because we don’t have enough rest. Drinking honey before sleeping will help to keep our endurance.
Holiday season comes. For children, these moments are waited. Spending their holiday to go to the beach, mountain or their relative are become their decision. During holiday, sometimes we over spirit, so we don’t realize that we have spent our energy and even insufficiently get asleep. Beside, inconsistence weather also makes easy to get influenza, cough, and fever. 
Besides medicines in the first aid box, bring honey in it. Honey can make easy of blood circulation, increases of body metabolism and makes body immune become more active. Honey also gives warm sense so can prevent cold and influenza. 
Drink honey before sleeping, so our body will still health and fit in the next morning. There are many honey sachets which healthy to be consumed and also easy to be brought every where we go.