Tuesday, August 6, 2013

"Coffee" prevents Prostate Cancer....

"Coffee"... Prevents Prostate Cancer

Drinking coffee is the habitual for men, especially in the morning. By drinking coffee they feel that it can increase their spirit to start work. So, if they don’t consume it, they feel that there is something lost.
Beside that, men who always drink coffee are lower to get prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is cancer causes death. According to an analysis, coffee can decrease the expansion of the most vicious prostate cancer. Coffee consists of many components such as an antioxidant, manages insulin, and decrease the sight. All of them can influence the prostate cancer.
The relation between consuming coffee and prostate cancer risk are showed that people who drinks 6 glasses of coffee a day have 20% lower to prostate cancer. This effect is stronger than vicious prostate cancer, it is 60% lower. Consuming 3 glasses of coffee a day can decrease 30% of vicious prostate cancer risk.
This effect is not from caffeine, because all of the risks decrease together, by consuming the usual coffee or coffee with lower caffeine. Of course, this effect will be better by consuming coffee with a little sugar or without sugar.