Saturday, August 24, 2013

Taking Care of Our “Armpit”...

Taking Care of Our Armpit”...

Are you not confidence with your armpit problems? There are many armpit problems. For example: having bad smell of armpit, dark armpit and so on. These conditions can be solved with simple way. We should know that skin in this area is sensitive.
Doing exfoliating or peeling up damage skin on armpit. Use body sponge or skin brush once or twice a week or when it is needed. By peeling up of damage skin cells, will help to prevent the armpit skin become dark. And also can peel ingrown hair (hair which grows up inside of skin) up. Ingrown hair is caused by clogging of skin pores.
You can also use a special product to clean and peel damage skin lawyer up on armpit. After cleaning the armpit, dry it well. Don’t use deodorants for a while, so skin pores in armpit can breathe well.
Cut armpit hair by using sharp cutter. Do it under the shower is the best way and do it in the evening to prevent razor burn. Because we have lower sweat in the evening rather than in the afternoon. So takes care of your armpit to get your confidence.