Tuesday, August 20, 2013

are you busy?.. don’t forget to have “Breakfast”!

Are You Busy?....
Don’t forget to have “Breakfast!

Sometimes we forget to have breakfast. We should know that it is a really important to sharpen our brain. Some people say that they don’t have time for having breakfast because their activities. Especially they are who work early in the morning. While having breakfast is the important thing for our body. If we usually have breakfast we will rarely get decease.

According to the research, having breakfast has a big effect to our healthy and our activities. Even for the children who always have breakfast will increase their academic intelligence and psychosocial ability.

Having breakfast is the most important part from the three kinds of meal. If we do not begin our day with breakfast, it will make us difficult to think. For the students, the researches shows that blood glucose contains of the students who have breakfast are lower than the students who have breakfast. Blood glucose is the supplier of energy for brain to work optimally. If blood glucose is low (until 70 mg low) it can decrease the concentration or memorizing, debilitated body, giddiness, and quiver. 

And if it’s compared with other parts of body, brain uses the highest energy. When our body takes a rest brain uses for about 20 % of the total energy.  Children who always have breakfast will more active and have initiative than they who have not. Children who have breakfast with complete nutritious food (carbohydrate, vegetables and protein) will more active and have initiative than they are who have breakfast only with carbohydrate and vegetables.

Having breakfast is one of the ways to get success in the future. In our body there are many systems which can arouses spirit. To manage the systems consistently must do the healthy living pattern with consume healthy and nutritious food, healthy thinking, have enough rest and doing healthy activities.

            Beside important to our brain, having breakfast also can manage our body weight. Ideally, having breakfast is for giving ¼ until ½ of our energy and daily nutritious need. Having breakfast has high function to serve calorie and nutritious for thinking and doing activities. It also increase concentration of study and physic ability. 

Consuming nutritious food for breakfast, will build good eating pattern in the adult. The habitual of having breakfast also decrease the total number of consuming fat food. It also can manage the body weight. Having breakfast has a relation with the management of body weight. Because energy which is consumed in the morning directly burn for doing activities. 

            There is no reason to say “never has time to have breakfast” because there are many nutritious fast food to consume. So, right now start your day by having breakfast.